Music Streaming Online: The Best Options For The Best Music Experience

Right now, streaming is becoming more and more popular for most people as compared to downloading. Whether you are trying to focus, drown out some unnecessary noise, or you just want to combat boredom, music streaming can be of great help to turn your day into something better. This is the reason why more and more music streaming services have now sprouted like mushrooms in the hopes of catering to the demands of music lovers. However, you have to remember that not all of these services have been created equal. With different companies trying to crack down on the strain that music streaming can place on both the attention span and the bandwidth of the users, it is important that you are fully aware of the complete breadth of the available options. So, to guide you on your search for the best music streaming service, here are several of the top choices right now together with their offers when it comes to offline and online access, features, and pricing.


With a premium and free version, Spotify seems to be the most favorite pick as far as music streaming is concerned. In its free version, you can freely stream music to your desktop, mobile or tablet but do this only if you do not mind all those ads popping up every now and then. Aside from that, if you are not using your headphones when listening, there is also no guarantee that you will not be running into ads for UTI medication or Trojans. But by paying $9.99 every month, you will be able to enjoy great access not to mention high quality audio when listening offline and of course, the awkwardness-free and ad-free experience. The offline capabilities of Spotify can be a great thing for you to listen to your favorite music anytime you want, anywhere you are.


Pandora, an internet radio provider, is also offering a paid and free version. Free of charge, you can access Pandora through your mobile, desktop or tablet but once again, you will need to bear with the ads. The paid version is only $4.99 and this is free from ads and you will also be able to enjoy better audio quality together with a desktop add which does not need a browser. However, it does not have an offline access, which means that you cannot enjoy it when you do not have an internet connection.

High quality proposals:

iTunes Radio

Working with all Apple devices, iTunes Radio comes with the same capabilities as that of other online music streaming services when it comes to building stations that are based on the user’s musical preferences and tweaking these with stars or likes. If you are using iTunes Match which is a service that can store all of your favorite song for $24.99 every year in iCloud, iTunes Radio is completely free from ads. But if you like an offline access, iTunes can be used in the same old fashioned way.


GooglePlay comes in two tiers, All Access and Standard. These two can both host as much as 20,000 songs that can be accessed on any device, include iPhone, iPad, and Android. The app for Google Play Music gives you the chance of selecting playlists and songs to download and listen to them when you are offline. For a monthly payment of $9.99, GooglePlay can give you unlimited skips on customizable radio feature, recommendations, and unlimited access to millions of albums and songs. This basically works like a hybrid between a streaming service and music locker wherein you can also upload your existing collection of music as well as stream or even enjoy an offline download of the songs that you do not own.

You can easily create a profile in for free. You can also listen through a media player or a browser that will need the Scrobbler software of There are also available apps for both iPod and iPhone. A subscription costs $3 per month that can be paid through Paypal, and this will mean that there is no need for you to deal with all those banner ads on both the mobile app and website. Aside from these, you will also get to check who has been visiting your page and the things that are working on.

Beats Music

Pretty much a newcomer in the industry of music streaming online, Beats Music is not like the other services for it has no free tier. This does not also have a desktop version. With a price of $9.99 per month that can accommodate as much as 3 devices of one person, this service can give you access to over 20 million songs, without any ads and with the playlist recommendations specifically tailored to the user, with its expert curators being one of its largest talking points. There are also an in-app offline playback options included in the new update.

Amazon Cloud Player

Another music locker, you can easily keep all your music in the Cloud and access them anytime you want at any device, including Samsung Smart TV, Sonos or Roku. You will not pay for the first 250 songs that you upload. If you will download music, including physical albums and MP3s from Amazon using AutoRip, this music will not be included in your space allotment. For you to store as much as 250,000 high quality music, the yearly fee costs $24.99.


GrooveShark’s free version that is ad supported is available both on mobile browsers and online. For just $9, every month, you can easily say goodbye to all those ads and enjoy great access to unlimited streaming together with apps for your desktop, Android or Apple device. Some of the other features include video mode, PoweHouse mode and visualizer. This service does not offer an offline mode.

For the best music online streaming experience, choose the one that best suits your needs from these services.